Flying Probe Systems


The RAPID line flying probe test system designed specifically for testing any type of printed circuit board from simple single side circuits, to complex multi layers, inner-layers and ceramics. There are different types of models available with 4 probes and  8 probes systems, completely independent mobile probes, four probes on each board side. Model; S280 comes with 8 probes 4 on each side. Model S220 comes with  4 probes 2 on each side.

Thanks to the third generation of linear guide the S280 is able to achieve very high Speed with the maximum accuracy and measurement repeatability: the X and Y axes of the S280 utilize the roller bearings and powerful brushless motors coupled with pre-loaded, high precision ball screws to move the eight measurement probes. S280 is equipped with the new probes generation that can combine with the same probes traditional test (2wire) with Kelvin test (4wire).

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