Reverse-engineering of boards and data Produce PCB fabrication Gerber and drill files from bare boards and / or artwork for PCB design and Legacy re engineering applications. Re-engineering application.

ScanCAD has been offering PCB Re-Engineering systems to the marketplace since 1990 and our systems are the leading systems in the world.   We offer the only system that can generate all the Gerber data and Drill data to re-manufacture a PCB to the same Form, Fit and Function as the original PCB which eliminates the need for costly and time consuming testing and re-certification.    In addition, we also offer additional software modules which can take the data back to schematic or into a CAD package for re-design


ScanFAB is a flatbed scanner based re-engineering system that has the capability of scanning PCB's, film, stencils, etc and producing the Gerber data and Drill files necessary to manufacture the PCB.  It also contains a full Gerber editor that can be used to modify the Gerber data as necessary

The high resolution scanner included with the system is calibrated with a NIST traceable glass plate ensuring an accurate image of the scanned film, stencil or PCB.   The color scanning capability of the scanner and the powerful color separation software algorithms in the system permit the fast and easy color separation of images needed to vectorize multilayer PCB’s.  The system also includes some powerful raster filter, clean up and editing features to help massage the raster data prior to vectorization.

The full FAB product has all of the powerful vectorization functions that have made ScanCAD successful for the past 25 years.  The resulting Gerber X data file sets the quality standard in the industry and is the reason why ScanFAB is the most successful and widely used PCB re-engineering system in the world today

Fully integrated, stand alone workstation

PC-based software integrated with a high-resolution, calibrated image processing unit

Reverse-engineering of boards and data


ScanINSPECT FPT is a flying probe electrical tester suitable for fixture-less bare PCBs. It can also be used in combination with a grid tester for fault verification or to test nets exceeding test points of a grid tester

ScanINSPECT FPT is capable of performing electrical tests on PCBs in many situations such as:

  • Prototypes
  • Samples
  • Small volume production
  • Determination of “golden board”
  • Combination test with a grid tester
  • Fault verification

A PCB is tested against a netlist without the need for fixtures. Hence, test can commence immediately after PCB production