Hot Air Leveling Machine

PENTAGAL Chemie und Maschinenbau GmbH

HAL : Model PENTA 550

Penta 550 is a vertical hot air leveling system, which is equipped with the latest technology. User-friendly operation is guaranteed by a touch panel. A high-speed PLC allows high operation-speed. Penta 550 possesses the advantages of the Penta-series, such as top quality and longevity, low-priced and simple maintenance, low spare-part costs and user-friendliness. Because of the enclosed housing the production is emission-free. Of course Penta 550 is lead-free capable as well.

The external panels are made of stainless steel.

The clamp-lift-unit for the pcb-clamp is an electrically controlled, The dipping and exhausting speed is pilot controlled and safe in menu.

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