Film Processor

 The Colenta IL-PCB Film processor range is a fully automatic “dry to dry” processing system designed for reliable processing of all types of common used PCB films. The processor incorporates a non opposed roller transport system which has been produced to ensure minimal contact with the film emulsion and has a series of intermediate wash water crossovers which safely transfer the film between each stage of processing to produce high quality PCB images requiring the minimum of operator involvement

Our Colenta PCB film processors are well established with a proven reputation for quality production, reliable performance and long life operation

 Standard Features and accessories:

  • Removable flat feed table 
  • upgradable on site for higher processing capacity
  • Touch Free detection and area measurement of all material entering the processor 
  • Film area based precise replenishment of all chemical solutions 
  • Low level monitoring in all processing tank solutions. 
  • External filters for DEV / FIX & WASH 
  • Filter Change Alert. 
  • Automatic Standby and energy saving modes 
  • “Work in Progress” monitoring 
  • Integrated Replenishment storage tanks with level control 
  • Prepared for connection to an external exhaust air facility

  For More: www.colenta.de