Vacuum Multi Layer Press Oil Heating

  • Bürkle‘sMultilam multi daylight laminating system offered in a special package as a stand-alone productive system using the latest state of the art technology.
  • Bürkle‘s robust solid steel machine design with platen guiding system.
  • Thermal oil heating system providing unmatched platen heating uniformity. Includes thermal fluid piping for compact footprint.
  • Automated or manually supported precision indexing Style Transport Loading system providing the ability to transfer heavy tools reliably time after time. No heavy lifting of tooling platens required.
  • State of the Art Computer and Programmable Logic Controller system with Bürkle‘s Process Visualization and Wonder ware Human Machine Graphical Interface.


  • Enclosed Vacuum Chamber
  • Prismatic Vee Guided Platen Ways
  • Spring Loaded Platen Suspension
  • Electrically heated Thermal Oil
  • Hydraulic Pressure system
  • Heating System