Plasma Finish

Plasma Cleaninf system

Low-pressure plasma

The innovative surface-treatment technology

Clean, reliable

Surface cleaning in industry is important for improving coating adhesion.

Conventional cleaning methods very quickly reach the limits of their capability and, following wet-chemical cleaning, detergent traces are still found on the surface and even after thorough rinsing and drying are not completely removed.

Low-pressure plasma cleaning results in surfaces with zero contamination. Treatment cycles of only a few minutes produce outstanding results with no surface residues.

Low-pressure plasma possesses excellent crack penetration. Even intricately shaped parts are perfectly cleaned since the gas readily penetrates minute gaps inaccessible to liquids

The decisive factor in the plasma cleaning process is the formation of gaseous and hence volatile products. The plasma constituents react with the organic contaminants and disintegrate into water and carbon dioxide even at room temperature (-CH2-CH2-)n + 3n O2 " 2n CO2 + 2n H2O

The reaction products are gaseous and hence easily removable from the reaction chamber.