InCAM is a comprehensive CAM system for HDI and IC Packaging boards that performs fast, high-precision CAM tooling. Easy to use, InCAM offers improved CAM productivity and advanced data integrity and fault indication in a collaborative work environment.

  • Fast, high-precision CAM
  • Dedicated DFM and analysis for HDI and IC Packaging
  • Outstanding data integrity and fault indication
  • Collaborative and secure work environment
  • Streamlined user interface; easy-to-use tools

Gen Flex Core

Gen flex Core is most ideal  CAM solution for flex boards production with uncompromising design integrety, optimal operator efficiencey with speed.

Insight PCB

Insight PCB is a web based product working remotely and assessing  RFQs , review graphic image or open customer job files while on the move.


InPlan consolidates various design processos from quotation to production floor and one can shape its capabilities with their own rules and specifications creating customized enterprise knowledge resources.

Genesis 2000

Genesis 2000 was and is also powerfull & comprehensive CAM system for PCB production.It performs fast, high-precision CAM tooling at very effective price performance and best suited for small to high volume conventional double side and Multi layer PCB productuion.

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