Laser Drilling System

The ProVia drillers provide the ultimate processing workstation for rigid boards, with high performance beam positioning for rapid point-to-point drilling and routing complex features.  Choose a UV-only model, a CO-only model, or the hybrid version with both laser sources. The CO laser is appropriate for high speed drilling, cutting and skiving of dielectrics, while the UV laser is able to machine copper and provide higher process quality in many dielectrics.  Whether your application is with glass- and aramid-reinforced epoxies or non-reinforced materials (e.g.resin-coated foil or polyimide), there is a ProVia model to meet your requirements. 

ProVia Series

Integrated laser drilling / cuttingtool for high volume production 

  • High performance beam positioning for rapid, accurate panel processing 
  • CO 2, UV, and hybrid (UV+CO2) processing
  • Zoom telescope provides continuously variable spot sizes
  • Optional automatic load/unload and slip sheet handling
  • Optional beam homogenizer for flat-top CO2 spots