LP™ - 9 Family

Ground-Breaking Top-Quality, Ultra High-Speed Automated Laser Plotter

LP-9 brings you Ultra-fast throughput

  • 120-beam laser technology
  • Software raster image processor (RIP)
  • Efficient handling of complex design data
  • Sophisticated plotting for leading-edge designs
  • Millimeter and Inch resolution available in the same system.
  • Multiple resolutions up to 0.5 micron
  • Fine lines down to 8 micron
  • Superior geometric and feature accuracy

Unattended operation

  • Full, advanced automation
  • Continuous plotting of up to 450 films
  • Three film sizes available simultaneously

Seamless integration with CAM

  • Integrated advanced plot queue management with Image Manager™
  • Full integration with Frontline’s CAM stations