Enabling High Yield Volume Production of Fine- Feature PCBsExposure on all UV, dry or liquid resists Imaging on inner and outer layers, SBU, flex PCBs and solder maskCompatible with Yellow Room environment.

The systems feature Orbotech’s patented LSO Technology™ which can image ultra-fine lines down to 8µm. For the FC-BGA/FC-CSP production our field proven system supports SAP and modified versions of SAP processes, while ensuring pitch down to 20µm. For advanced BGA/CSP subtractive production, our system provides throughput of up to 160prints per hour Nuvogo  LDI for Mass production.Nuvogo  LDI for Mass production.

NuvogoTM 800 is a leading Direct Imaging (DI) solution for mass production digital imaging of fine-line HDI, Flex, Rigid-Flex and MLB applications. This cutting-edge system is powered by the new MultiWave Laser Technology™, which simultaneously generates a multi-wavelength laser beam, offering maximum robustness on a vast range of resist types. Based on Orbotech’s field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO) Technology™, the system is designed for unprecedented throughput of up to 7,000 panels per day, helping to decrease overall cost of ownership while .maintaining optimal quality at high speed