Ink Jet Legend Printer

Sprint™-120 Ink Jet Legend Printer

Featuring innovative DotStream Technology™ and UV LED curing, Sprint 120 delivers high speed and top quality printing for consistent, volume production of advanced legend designs.


Consistent Printing with DotStream Technology™

  • Precise drop control at high speeds 
  • Optimized algorithms for fine text and filled areas 
  • Customized print heads for electronics industry challenges and processes
  • Patented nozzle cleaning station 
  • Air scrubber for clean printing environment

Volume Production with Top Quality

  • Advanced LED-based UV curing on-the-fly 
  • High production quality with less passes than previous systems 
  • Uniform printing over challenging surfaces 
  • Accurate results on features down to 0.5mm

Easy and Flexible Operation

  • No screen mask preparation required 
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for fast set-up 
  • Automated data transfer from CAM 
  • Pinless alignment for reduced load/unload time 
  • Flexibility to print side A-A or A-B