Fusion™ Series - Most Advanced AOI Solutions for High-End PCB Manufacturers

Fusion, Orbotech's latest AOI innovation, takes AOI expertise a major step forward creating a true revolution in PCB inspection. Utilizing breakthrough Multi-Image Technology™, Fusion inspects a panel multiple times in one scan for unparalleled detection accuracy. Designed for high-end HDI and MLB applications, Fusion re-defines PCB production efficiency, while achieving lowest cost per scan.

FusionTM. Nothing but the Truth.

  • True Detection Accuracy with Multi-Image Technology™
  • Multiple inspections in one scan for unparalleled detection accuracy
  • True Intuitive Operation with Smart Setup
  • Optimal, short and intuitive process
  • True Performance:
  • High resolution at high throughput
  • On-line verification
  • True Running Cost Savings:
  • Lowest cost per scan for maximum production efficiency

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System

 Moving the world’s best-selling AOI series to the next level of performance, Discovery II series delivers new capabilities for greater operational efficiency. The system ensures high defect detection with full flexibility to handle today’s challenging MLB & QTA mass production requirements.


Detection Accuracy with Proven SIP Technology™

  • Resolution down to 35µm line and space
  • Full multi-layer panel understanding
  • Patented LED illumination design

Efficient Smart Setup™ Operation

  • Intuitive - Visual categorization of defects
  • Short - Single cycle process (non-iterative)
  • Optimal - Automatic generation of all setup parameters 

Flexible Solution

  • Patented vacuum table for optimal grip on any panel
  • Fast and easy on-system defect verification
  • Full automation support

Reduced Running Cost

  • Half the power consumption and small footprint
  • Minimal consumables (no bulbs)
  • Less training requirements