Mass VIA Filling Machine

Vacuum Plugging Machine VCP5000-1  

  • Panel is placed inside themachine and vacuum is optionallydrawn inside the chamberdepending on the hole fill requirements
  • Utilizing a similar principle as the hand-held unit, compressed air is used to force the material into a designated head and then through the via holes
  • Depending on factors, such as hole quality and paste rheology, holes up to 1:40 aspect ratio can be filled; the vacuum is not needed for through-holes
  • Cu plated blind vias can be easily filled without any voids utilizing the vacuum
  • Excess material is removed by squeegee system

Via Hole Filling VHF 300V w/ a Vacuum function 

  • Flexible plugging machine allowing different types of panels and pastes to be processed
  • handles boards at the extreme ends of the board thickness spectrum (up to 350 mil)
  • minimizes consumption and waste of paste (smaller heads can be used)
  • Max. panel size 24” x 30”
  • Thickness range is up to 350 mil thick
  • 480 Volt, 3 Phase power connection, 4 kW
  • The touch panel display allows up to 50 recipes to be stored
  • Head sizes available: 5”-12"
  • Speed of head movement in the X and Y direction

Plane Raze Device SV100 Uniform finish with fine surface roughness 

  • Superior sanding is achieved by sanding pressure controlled rotation and oscillation head motion
  • Sanding after hole plugging
  • Deburring and dressing after
  • through hole drilling (thick panels
  • Dressing after plating, built-up PCB
  • Dressing and cleaning of stainless press plates
  • Dressing of multilayers