Spray coater for Solder Masking

The salient features of Spray Coater are given below.

  • Innovated Design with direct extraction.
  • Solder mask application is very uniform irrespective of circuit pattern and thickness of Copper.
  • Also coating thickness as compared to Screen printing is much more uniform over edges as well as on surface.
  • Coating thickness can be controlled effectively.
  • Minimum cleaning & maintenance efforts (extended filter-elements – easy to replace). 
  • Long term approved ink supply system.
  • Atomized air can be heated up till 100°C (Solvent evaporates during coating transfer – improved cosmetic and coverage).
  • Design of extraction includes flash-off function.
  • Easy operation via Touch-Panel.
  • Optional transport-systems: Belt-, Pin-chain-, grip-chain-transport with cleaning function.
  • Double-sided coating in one cycle.
  • Minimum wastage of PISM ink compared to any other technology used for SMOBC.

For More http://www.ahk-service.de/