The Model 6000 Stencil & Pallet Cleaner is the "work horse" of the Smart Sonic Line of ultrasonic stencil cleaners. The Model 6000 is fully automatic and programmable. The operator simply places the stencil in the carrier basket and selects the desired cleaning profile. A 29" (740 mm) stencil can be washed and rinsed in less than 2 minutes! The Model 6000 is a modular design and can be configured with a second ultrasonic wash tank for cleaning other applications such as post solder flux from pallets, oven radiators and/or SMD adhesives. Or, the module may be configured with an automatic temperature controlled dryer. The Model 6000 is recommended for users requiring rapid cycle time for cleaning more than 20 stencils per day, automatic drying, or for cleaning multiple applications in the same machine.

The ErgoSonic Model Stencil & Pallet Cleaner is fully automatic and programmable. The operator loads the stencil into an empty chamber and selects the desired cleaning profile. The wash solution is uploaded to the wash chamber from a built-in reservoir and down loaded through a filtration system to the same reservoir after the wash cycle. The stencil is then spray rinsed and the cycle is complete. The total wash / rinse cycle time is approximately 10 minutes. The stencil is then removed and placed in the optional drying rack. Stencils are heat-sensitive and should NOT be dried using elevated temperatures. The ErgoSonic Stencil Cleaner is recommended for users desiring full automation and cleaning less than 20 stencils and/or pallets per day.


It is important to note that Smart Sonic's semi-automatic stencil cleaners (500, 1500 and 2003 series) will clean just as fast and effectively as the fully automatic systems. This is because the process remains the same. The automatic and semi-automatic systems use the same chemistry and ultrasonic technology. While the 6000 and ErgoSonic models offer more automation and convenience, the Semi-automatic models do not sacrifice quality or efficiency.

The Model 1550 Stencil & Pallet Cleaner is our most popular semi-automatic system. It is designed to clean stencils up to 29" x 29" (740 x 740 mm) and fully equipped with the following integrated options:

  • Heated Wash Tank
  • Filter Recirculator
  • Ultrasonic Timer
  • Parts Basket
  • Wash Tank Cover
  • Hand Held Spray Rinse Assembly
  • Power Drain
  • Quick Kleen Liner
  • Hand Held Air Blow-off

For those not requiring all options, the Model 1500 may be configured with specific options to suit specific applications.